Research for RE encourages meaningful conversation and collaboration between RE teachers and researchers.

It makes sure that the best and latest research related to Religious Education finds its way into the hands of the people who can put it into practice, making sure it has a real-life impact both inside and outside the classroom.

Encouraging innovative teaching

Research for RE gives you access to cutting-edge research on a wide variety of RE topics, expanding your knowledge and giving you practical teaching tools and ideas.

It also enables you to play a part in shaping future RE research, by offering feedback on existing reports and posting ideas and suggestions for new research. Having the input of people involved in RE teaching every day helps to make sure that future research is as relevant, engaging and useful as possible.

Inspiring relevant research

Research for RE lets you put your work in front of the people who are most likely to benefit from it. It broadens your reach and makes sure your research is seen outside of the usual academic circles.

Sharing your work in this space also allows you to get data on its use and feedback from a range of different people, which shows you how your research has been received, understood and applied. This information can be useful for reports to funders future grant applications as well as helping to shape your future work, giving you insight into the topics and approaches others in the RE community would find most useful.