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Prof Rob Freathy

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Professor of Education


Higher Education


Rob Freathy is Academic Dean for Students and Dean of the Faculty of Taught Programmes at the University of Exeter. He is Professor of Education in the Graduate School of Education. He is a member of the Editorial Boards for History of Education and Journal of Beliefs and Values, and former co-editor of History of Education Researcher and Reviews Editor for History of Education. He is co-editor of a series of books published by Peter Lang on the theme of Religion, Education and Values (Vol. 11, 2017). He has also authored and edited numerous books, including Religious Education and Freedom of Religion and Belief (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2012), History, Remembrance and Religious Education (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2014), Politics, Professionals and Practitioners (London: Routledge, 2017) and Metacognition, Worldviews and Religious Education (London: Routledge, 2019). He is co-creator of the RE-searchers approach to RE in primary schools: