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Primary Education


I have completed two Farmington Research Projects. The first, 'The Doughnut and the Hole' (1997), aimed to try to find through talking with teachers, advisors, children, researchers and reading widely, some simple, appropriate ways to encourage Spiritual Development in Primary Schools. The resulting images from this research, (seeing ourselves as all 'spiritual' in the sense of all being Holy Doughnuts: Holy Wholes with Holy Holes!), and of then need to allow time for openings: Windows (of wondering about the Wows and Ows of life), Mirrors (of reflecting on this) and Doors, (of opportunity to express and act on what is being learnt from this),have been useful in further work by myself and others. The second Farmington Project: 'Growing, Together?' (2018) looks into how schools might unlock potential for powerful two way support by involving their local intergenerational community in Creative Projects to help them with RE and SMSC. What sort of development are we aiming for when it comes to spirituality and useful RE if it is to be of long term value? Both pieces of research can be found via the link below + support other work I am now involved in.